I strive to inspire and help as many people as I can, by spreading truth and kindness. I hope that everyone can rise to their fullest potential, and lead fulfilling and moral lives.

I created this website, to share the insights I’ve found through a tireless amount of reading and thinking. This is a nicheless blog, covering many different topics I’m interested in, from politics, to media to fiction.

I’m Polocle (Poh-Leh-Kal), previously known as Amos Yee. I invented the name Polocle, which is a combination of 2 of my favorite words ‘Polymath’ and ‘Oracle’. ‘Polymath’: meaning a person whose knowledge spans a wide variety of subjects, and ‘Oracle’ meaning: giver of truth.

I'm a 21-year-old, ex-Singaporean, now American, living in Chicago. I'm also a far-left Anarchist, pro-vegan, atheist, Pedophile Right's Activist. My personality type is INTP, so I’m known for being introverted, logical-thinking and flexible. I write 'thoughts on' journals with my phone a lot. My hobby is consuming all types of media, ranging from video games to movies to anime (Favorites being: Persona 5, Cloud Atlas and March Comes In Like A Lion). I also value meaningful one-on-one conversations with close-friends, and biking in nature.

Anyone who has an optimistic vision to help the world grow, I’m glad you’re here. Guided by my hopefully uncompromising and unique voice, follow me on this adventure, for the erudite and eclectic, for the passionate and curious.

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