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Finally after years of loneliness and justifications, I have finally come to terms with the virtues of this 'friend' thing.

I've been experimenting with friend apps like bumble and meetup.com, but then I'm like wait... instead of a random circle of people, what better way to find friends with similar personalities, than with my own audience!

So if you're interested in being friends, you can email me at mail@polocle.com with an introduction of yourself.

My Friend Profile

Hi! I'm Polocle. I'm a blogger who reads and writes about diverse topics: like Politics, Philosophy, Activism. And I'm fortunate enough to have thousands of people reading my posts.

I strive to spread truth and love, to inspire and help as many people in the world as I can. My personality type is INTP, so I'm known for being introverted, and logical-thinking. I struggle sometimes with anxiety and being too hard on myself, though I always push on, to play the game of life.

My interests are consuming all forms of media, from video games, to anime, to movies (favorites are: Persona 5, Hunter X Hunter and Stanley Kubrick). I also walk, bike and do yoga or strength training daily.

I'm looking for long-term friends to have meaningful conversations with. Hope to hear from you!

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