What I'm doing Now

Writing (Minimum 4h/week)

A minimum of 1000 words/week to post on this site

ReadingĀ (Minimum 2h/week)

Topics: Web Design Topics: Typography, UX/UI Design Principles, CSS

Polocle's Daily Routine:

(number refers to the hour from the time I wake up)

0-1.5 Write

1.5-3 Passive meditation, exercise, walk

3-4 Brainstorm/Thoughts on Journal, Morning pages

4-6 1st meal, nap, relax

6-7.5. Edit writing

7.5-9 Bike

9-10.5 Admin work (coding, posting etc.), process GTD, update get to do list

10.5-12: Friends Time/ active meditation/ relax

12-13: 2nd meal, entertainment (video games, youtube videos etc.)

13-14: Read, 2nd walk and transcendental meditation

14-15: Think and Read

15-16: Brush Teeth, cold shower, sleep

I work for 3 days, then rest for 1. Repeat

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